Legally binding contract for consensual sex

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This means safe sex

Harmonization of specific sexual actions

Protection against sexual harassment

Secured in the blockchain

Legally binding agreement

Legium Love creates a legally binding agreement, you're protected by law.
Litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality.

All about consensual sex

Without consent, sexual activity (including oral sex, genital touching, and vaginal or anal penetration) is sexual assault or rape.

The contracts can also include privacy agreements for videos and photos, and can be customized to include clauses on sex without protection, agreeing that the other person is without STDs, etc.

Be calm for your health after sharing sexual activity

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What's this?
Legium Love creates a legally binding agreement, you're protected by law.
How much does it cost?
It's absolutely free, you just need to fill out the form.
How does the agreement take place?
You'l need fill a form, after which both parties receive a text message with a digital code. To enter into an agreement, you must enter both passwords.
Why fill a personal data?
The name and surname, as well as the contact phone number of the parties are necessary to confirm the identity and consent to sexual activities.
What about legal protection?
The contract has legal effects. And, in the case of a statement by one of the parties about violent acts , the signed Agreement will serve as evidence of voluntary participation in sexual actions.
Can I make an agreement with citizens of foreign countries?
This is worldwide service. Just remember, Legium Love is about setting clear rules and boundaries, not breaking them. To which extent the contract holds up in court depends on your country of residence.
Can I make an agreement with a person under the age of majority?
Any sexual actions is permissible only for adult relationships.
What is the validity period of the Agreement?
The agreement is valid for the 24 hours.
Can I require the other party to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement?
Whereas consent to participate in sexual activities does not guarantee ability to perform those activities, Therefore, failure to perform such as acts as consented to under this agreement for reasons including, but not limited to physical, psychological or emotional impairment, shall not be considered a violation of this agreement; and both the Proposer and the Consenter waive any right to legal redress for such failure to perform.